Origin: Derived from the fusing of catalyze (to facilitate) and symbiosis (a mutually beneficial relationship).

Meaning: To facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.


Catasym is more than just an easy way to buy and sell things online.

You can also use our platform as a sophisticated entrepreneurial tool set:

Start a business, grow it, and promote it.

Take control and leverage your existing social networks

Earn your share of platform revenue as a Catasym Support Hero


We focus on areas of technology where direct personal assistance can drastically improve the user experience.

There are many areas in the technology arena where having a trained professional in your local area can greatly aid in achieving your goals and objectives.

Whether you're wondering how to properly price and list an item to sell online, or how to design a grass-roots social marketing campaign that drives new customers to your business. Catasym is your answer.

Leveraging the strengths of the network marketing business model we are able to provide local support for many of these specialized tasks in communities across the country.

Our network marketing model not only facilitates a high value of service to our customers, but it also allows anyone to share in the revenues of our platform.


Kevin Saffer President/CEO


Kevin's inspiration for Catasym is drawn from a deep belief that personal entrepreneurship provides a profound and sustainable path to improve lives.

Kevin grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado. He received a degree in Biology in the mid-90s from a small private college in central Kansas. In 1995, he was introduced to Excel Telecommunications, a business that utilized independent representatives to facilitate growth.

As an independent representative, Kevin quickly rose through the ranks to achieve the top level of leadership at Excel. The perspectives he gained during those years form the foundation of why Catasym exists today.

While Excel did enough things right to become the third-largest long-distance carrier in the U.S., they also did many things wrong. Kevin's knowledge and observations of corporate workings during Excel's growth, combined with his perspective as a leader in the field, give him a unique understanding of what it takes to develop a world-class company that is truly a benefit to everyone involved.

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